Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Journal Prompt #4

In regards to the Creativity Project, What phase of the creativity process are you in? How do you plan to move to the next phase?

Originally, I was going to do a Tribute to Fred Rogers. Mister Rogers. Of the Neighborhood. Friend to Mr. McFeeley. Owner of the Trolley that travels into the Land of Make Believe. While thinking about this project I re-stumbled across this awesome video remix of Mister Rogers:
I was going to create a few different pieces of art in Tribute to his genius. I was thinking I might make a Trolley out of Legos, sculpt Daniel and Owl's Tree and maybe make a PicturePicture-esque collage of other Mister Roger's belongings (traffic Light, Fish, sweater, shoes, etc.).

But, after talking with members of my group, most of whom said "I'm going to do some kind of 3D collage about this person." I am going back to square one.

I am leaning towards being inspired by Sir Ken Robinson and going for something that inspires creativity in children. So, I am back to Defining the Problem, when I was kind of hanging out in Incubation.

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