Friday, September 27, 2013

It Takes My Child to Raze a Village V!!!

So, I did posts about the Quilt, and I did a post about the 2013 Pennsic Edition. But I realized I never did one about the fifth Anniversary It Takes My Child to Raze a Village!!!!!

Shame on Me!

It was great! We brought back some old classes and added the most so many new ones, but, the most popular activities, by far, were Thrown Weapons and the Ballista Demo. They are what everyone is (still) talking about! The weather was gorgeous, which almost made me long for some rain, because everything inside was very lightly attended! Archery and Thrown Weapons out-shined even Armored Combat! We didn't have any Division 2 AC fighters and ended up with 2 in Div 1, and we had only one Champion in Rapier. (Three kids fenced total - and they were all the same age!)  We had at least one entry in every Individual A&S Category! (but not a single one entry in the Family Category.)  And the Family Portraits are awesome!!  I am now just going to add a bunch of photos for your viewing pleasure!

Adult A&S Challenge Champion
(Holding her 5 years of ITMC Service Lighter)

Teen A&S Challenge Champion
The Leaf Award Recipient

Youth A&S Challenge Champion

Div 3 Armored Combat Challenge Champion

Armored Combat Marshal's Choice

Div 1 Archery Marshal's Choice

Div 3 Archery Challenge Champion

Div 1 Armored Combat Champion
Div 2 Archery Challenge Champion (Our Archery Divisions are made up and do not match AC Divisions)

Div 1 Armored Combat Challenge Champion

Duckling Race Winners!

Thrown Weapons Challenge Champion
The Link Award Recipient

The Leaf Award Recipient

Triple Champion!
A&S Child Challenge Champion
Div 1 Rapier Challenge Champion
Div 1 Archery Challenge Champion

The Torch Award
(The Family who most Embodies the Spirit of ITMCTRAV)

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