Friday, November 8, 2013

Wow! It's been awhile! Sorry!

Sorry, I've been working really hard at passing Physics! I got a D and an F on the first two tests, but I've been Physics-ing my brains out and got a B- on last week's test!!!! :) :) :)
Also, I've been babysitting a lot so that I can afford gas for my new-to-me car!!!! It is pretty awesome, not only does it run, but it has a sunroof!!!  
Aaaand - I've been doing Weight Watchers and so far I have lost 10.9 lbs!!!!

Okay, that is enough news! Art project photos after the cut!

We had to make a Clay Community of at least 5 buildings that represent something we like to do.  I made a Viking Treasure Necklace History Museum to represent my SCA activities.  The red and white thing is actually a working spin-top - I figure it is the toys & gaming area!  The Turtle Brooches have an imprint of my actual brooches! Also, we were supposed to use Tempera Paint in class, but I used acrylic on the brooches. ;)  We used Crayola Air Dry Clay and it is amazing!!!! It runs about $5 for a tub (about regular Country Crock size) and I had half a tub left after making those and about 5 more beads and another top (without a hole - that spins AMAZINGLY!) We have used a lot of my leftover clay in a Largess making Project! ;) (I will post photos when the project is done and the Largess has been given!)

Viking Treasure Necklace

We talked about special needs students and how art can be really powerful in their lives. We watched a documentary in class, called Shooting Beauty, about a woman who gave cameras to people with cerebral palsy and how powerful their photographs are and what a strong voice they now have.  It was really good.  You can watch a News Spot on Vimeo.

 We also did an experiential activity where we wore paper blindfolds and had to create a standing structure with pieces of drinking straws.

It is hard to take "Selfies" while blindfolded
This is my structure - minus two straws that my cat stole.

We spent a class doing self-lead centers - actual centers my teacher uses with fourth grade students.  We could do them in any order we liked, so I have numbered them in the order we did them:

Center 1 = Check out some online comic strips:
and another one I didn't write down because I didn't really like it!

Center 2 - Part A - look through magazines and find a head that you like, cut it out, paste it to your paper, and draw a contrasting body.

Yep, I made her into a Reptar/Godzilla type monster

Part B - Find a body and draw a contrasting head.

I made Molly McIntire into a Fuzzy Beast!

I personally enjoy the Bee and the Christmas Tree.

Center 3 - Draw two objects as you saw them on the table and then color it as we wished:
The dinosaur was at a really odd angle - it didn't quite look so weird, but my art is closer than you'd think!

Center 4 - Make a 3-panel school-friendly comic strip. There were people who did not ever leave this center and so there wasn't room for me and I ended up taking my comic home (and got to work on it for a longer time!) I had recently watched Wil Wheaton's "Why it's Awesome to be a Nerd" (You really should watch the video!)

I couldn't fit all of it on there, so I drew three different kinds of nerds and used his "really important" advice, 
"Be Honest, Kind, Honorable, Work Hard. . . and Always Be Awesome."

I brought two girls whom I babysit with me to class one night. They are 4 and 10. During that class we listened to a story, The Leopard's Drum: An Asante Tale from West Africa, and learned about Adinkra cloth - a cloth with patterns that are made by stamping.  We used (I will get the name from my teacher) and carved our own stamps with linoleum carving tools.  I let the 4 year old draw on two small pieces, and I drew a few others. The ten year old was really into her own drawing and at first did not want to participate. Although I got her into it by first suggesting she just draw a stamp, and then by asking if she wanted to try carving it! She did really great! 

For some reason, I'm missing one of the ones by the 4-year-old. :(
Mine on the back of the 4-year-olds' stamp

10 year old's stamp

Designed by 4 year old - carved by me

I was attempting one of the designs we learned about

The Photos on the Left and Right are most of the "Adrinka Cloths" created by my classmates.
The photo on the Right also contains our Comic Strips!

The Artwork made by the 4 year old!

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