Monday, January 13, 2014

True Beauty

Why has our American Society made women who look like women believe that they are ugly?  Most men seem to appreciate our curves and our breasts and our backsides. They don't notice "Thunder Thighs" or a random chin hair or care that our hair isn't as curly/straight/ginger/long/etc. as we wish.

Dove (the soap company) has been trying to combat this starting with their "True Beauty Campaign" in which they pledged to not use photo-shopped women in their advertisements.  The Canada branch of the company released this awesome video (that went viral in 2006). But they are just one aspect of media.

The following wise words were originally posted on facebook by two friends who are married to beautiful women whom I admire. Not only do I find them physically gorgeous and always well-dressed, but they have amazing personalities and bring joy and humor to my life whenever I am with them.

Please stop beating yourselves up.  
By Greg Less

I don't know what ladies see when they look at themselves in the mirror or in a picture, but I know what I see when I look at myself and the media doesn't blast me with insecurities anywhere near as badly as it blasts all of you.

It must be hard. Very hard. Unbearably hard.

Please know that in spite of the the flaws you perceive, the awful things you think about yourselves, that we, the men of the world think you are beautiful. Every single one of you ladies out there is an amazingly beautiful woman that inspires each and every one of us to do something stupid every single day.

There's a reason men made Eve the root of evil in humanity. You tempt us and force us to do things that common sense and wisdom should prevent. You mesmerize us and intrigue us and we love you.

All of you.

So please stop beating yourselves up. Please.

Never short change your inherent beauty and wonder. 
 by Tom Nadratowski
I have seen a few posts lately, from ladies about how some aspect of their appearance is sub-par. I won't try to speak for all men (unlike [my wife] who often says "we women... ;p), but for most of us, we're really glad you let us see you nekked, let alone touch you in that exalted state!

I know you are constantly bombarded by commercials, magazines, beauty products and a whole host of Madison Avenue folderol, which tries to trick you into thinking you're inferior, unattractive, old and ugly. Nothing could be further from the truth. They do it with fake images, doctored photos and enhanced CGI to filter, mask and outright erase any hint of of age spots, sags, or God forbid, wrinkles or stretch marks.

This is a travesty that every man and true knight should fight with every ounce of strength. The damage done to our wives, daughters and sons is incalculable. I have watched as my wife and daughter have been beaten about the head and shoulders with lies about their beauty and health, straight from the pits of hell.

Marilyn Monroe, oft-compared paragon of beauty, was a size 12 in the fifties, and would likely be an 8 now:
BTW: guys don't care what pants size you are. Other women do. Guys care if you'll take them off.*

Ladies, you are awesome. None of the above should matter to any man worthy of the term. Especially if that man was a contributing factor! You bear our children, bear our sorrows along with yours, and do so with grace, dignity and strength. The fact that you see our hairy, smelly, base selves and consent to love us and give us your bodies is a mystery that we don't often acknowledge or comprehend. Any "flaws" or "imperfections"you may see, we usually don't.

You are wonders of beauty, strength and intelligence, gifted with the ability to directly nurture the species as well as perform most tasks as able or superior to any male (save only those that rely on brute strength, where males have a distinct advantage).

Never short change your inherent beauty and wonder.

The summer of 2013, this Huffington Post article went viral spurring a challenge to Moms to stay in the picture.  I like it. I think it is a great idea. And it sets a wonderful example for our future.

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