Monday, September 15, 2014

Human Development Classroom set-up ideas

I am working on moving everything school-related, from my old blog to this one.

I had a cool assignment in Human Development. We had to design a classroom for "Gifted and Talented" students (Honestly, I just designed my dream classroom!!!)
Originally, I was going to do a Star Trek themed classroom --just for kicks!  I was also going to do it as a diorama, but I ended up using a poster-board and being less theme-y! (Although, I still want to figure out an interactive Klingon Math bulletin Board!)

Here are some of my ideas:

Classroom Furniture Choices

My classroom will also have an attached Cloakroom, Bathroom & Storage room that is only accessible through the Teacher's Office. 
Sinks will be mounted on the wall outside the bathroom. 
Most Centers will have Interactive Bulletin Boards.
(See ELA/Reading for an example.)
There are skylights (instead of windows) to provide sunlight, save energy, and reduce distractions that windows cause.

Math Center
The Math Center will also have Legos and an Abacus.  
The class will have a Monthly Math Bee.

Science Center
This is a small sampling of what the Science Center will contain.
Many different plants will live here. 
The Science Center is located near the sinks & the door to outside.

Creativity/ Think Outside the Box Zone
 The Rock Star of the Week will have a rotating schedule so that EVERY student is featured on the board.  
This is Student Lastname. S/He is # years old.  
Her/His favorite Center is _____.  
In Student's spare time, s/he loves to ______.

 Musical Instruments will live here, but there will be a portion of everyday dedicated to Music, it will not be open during Academic Center time.  Both Boomwackers and Handbells will have choirs with set practice times, in addition to vocal choirs and a maybe even a rhythm band.

English Language Arts/Reading Center
 ELA/Reading Center will feature Self-driven learning.
Manilla Mysteries are Poetry, Letter, & Creative Writing packets.  
There will be a Gazebo in this area. 
There will be a Monthly Spelling Bee.

Students find and bring in real-life examples of poor grammar and funny misspellings

Student Book Recommendations

Gazebo – with “grass” & lawn chairs - Reading Corner

Social Studies Center

Connecting the Present and Past example:
Students are studying the American Civil War.
Students read about Clara Barton.
The Teacher invites a Red Cross Certified Instructor,
 who will teach Basic First Aid.
The students (as a group) will design 
a Community Service Project (or Fundraiser)
that benefits the Red Cross. 

 I forgot to mention (in my project) the following:

  • Computers are left out of this plan on purpose.  Since this classroom is my dream, I assume it will exist in my dream school, therefore, there will be a high-tech computer lab.  I believe that it is important for students to learn how to appropriately use technology, however, it is equally important that they know how to learn and live without a screen in front of them.
  • The ELA/Reading Center Manilla Mysteries will include handwriting practice and learning cursive.
  • Life Skills will be taught across all disciplines. Examples: Sewing in Social Studies (Students will learn how to sew a button, and hand stitch in a few steps ending with making a stuffed toy), the Science of Laundry, Following a Recipe in ELA/Reading, Doubling a recipe in Math, Manners and Etiquette in Social Studies
  • The class will have a Chore Chart, Every student will have a chore that is their responsibility every day. The Chores will rotate every week.  Chores will include (but not be limited to the following:
  • Spray and wipe down desks and tables.
  • Sweep/Vacuum classroom.
  • Feed/Water Rat.
  • Clean Rat Cage.
  • Clean Bathroom.
  • Plant Caretaker.;
  • Line Leader -Not only the head of the line, but also choose how we move down the hall: hopping, heel-to-toe, baby steps, tiptoe, in pairs, etc.

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