Thursday, December 18, 2014

Brain Break!

We now interrupt this Lesson-Plan writing session for Livejournal-style silliness. . . . The Make Your Own Album Cover meme

Band Name:  Mateuszewo
Album Title: Around the Corner
Hit Single: "The Hungry Librarian Called George"
Genre: Punk Folk

How to Make Your Own Album Cover - The GeekyFutureTeacher Way 
I modified the meme to suit my style. I hated the "third picture no matter what" mandatory-ness of it, and I felt like it was missing some steps!
  1. Click Here - this is the title of your band 
  2. Click Here - use 3-5 words from the very last quote of the page as the title of your album.
  3. Click Here - Choose an album cover.
  4. Use your favorite photo editor (mine is picmonkey, other people love photoshop) to put it all together (and make it square).
  5. Click Here -  Click on "three sentences," choose the title of your hit single!
  6. Pick a genre for your band.

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