Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Simply Sponges!

In my Life Science for Elementary Teachers class, we had to do a skit on various invertebrates. And my group got Sponges! So, we did a game show called "Simple Sponges!" I went a teeny bit overboard at Dollar Tree, but we had a pretty awesome game show. We "rigged" it so that it was a 3-way tie, and for the Final Round we each threw a wet sponge at the chalk target on the board. The winner received a container of mini sponge cakes (made by my mom after I jokingly said it would be awesome to have sponge cake) that we shared with the class! Our Name cards are dish sponges, our microphones are sponge paint brushes stuck in a copper sponge, and we had several sponge puns and bad jokes.

Simply Sponges!
The Contestants.

The Host

Based on the color of my face, I just answered the reproduction question. . .

"Final Spongardy"

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