Monday, February 25, 2013

Class notes 3-25-13

Dramatic play-------Drama---------Improv----------Theatre
                                     |                                     Professional --serves as inspiration for Drama as Art
           |                                                                          |
Drama as Medium                                             Drama as Art
Social Studies Teachers who                                     -School Productions, Community Theater
re-enact war, underground railroad,                          
Holocaust Museum                                                 

Drama benefits:    invoking feelings, empathy, public speaking, cooperation, overcoming shyness
Similarities between dramatic play and Drama: empathizing, release unacceptable feelings

Huge benefits to both, but they both need each other!

3 Names of Import
Dorothy Heathcote - Developed Process Drama, realized she could get people to experience things that aren't actually happening to them, emotions, experiences, etc. Very serious worlds She was amazing at Improv. Drama as a Medium -group has to agree on a fictional place where they are

Gavin Bolton - student of Dorothy, saw more value in Drama as an Art

Cecily O'Neill - student of Dorothy, took Dorothy's ideas and wrote down how to do them!

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs!

Trial for the Wolf
Needed Characters:
Journalist/News Reporter
Last Pig
Prosecutor -Me!
Police Officer

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