Friday, February 22, 2013

My Creation Process

Okay, so I am STILL Sick! Really tired of being Tired! 
So, originally I was basically going to "cheat" on this entry. But I changed my mind.

Here is a video of a project from a year and a half ago, in which I had to create a project inspired by at least one quote from my textbook and then combine that with my group members projects.  I created our video, and I created a really cool project using members of my community, I documented y project very well, and I think the video gives an excellent example of my creative process.  So, rather than reinventing the wheel, here's my Music Appreciation Final Project.

As the end of our video played, we handed out boxes of (8) crayons to our class, and encouraged them to Color!
Another project I did for that same class was a an independent project where we had to Take a Risk & Show Your Passion and include a hand-out of some kind. I passed out Play-doh.  Apparently, it is only currently on facebook, so, if you have facebook you can view it here.
So, I reread the way the Journal Prompt was worded, and decided to create a Creativity map. . . of sorts.

My Creative Process is constantly changing, I am always thinking up new ideas, or figuring out a new way to do something, or teach something, sometimes I remember to write them down, and sometimes they just disappear. I am inspired by everything and I frequently give handmade gifts. I try to inspire creativity in children and am known for forcing people out of their comfort zone. I am not afraid to give up on something or change how I'm thinking about it. I have lots of partially finished projects because I was uninspired or am sick of it for now. I eventually go back and finish it or take it apart to create something else.

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