Friday, February 22, 2013

We Are Built for Play --Part 2

Play Personalities - I have placed an asterisk next to the ones that are me.

 *The Joker - Play revolves around nonsense of some kind. Jokes. Verbal, practical, basic. Basic as in the first humor we learn - blowing raspberries/the Bronx Cheer, silly noises and general baby talk.

 *The Kinesthete - People who "need to move in order to think." Frequently Dancers and Athletes. Competition is not their main focus, movement is, but competition is often a way to participate in their favorite activity.

 *The Explorer - Another very basic form of play. Exploring the world around us. Exploring can be going to new places; searching for a new feeling or deepening of the familiar, through music, movement, flirtation; or researching a new subject, discovering new experiences and points of view from home.

  *The Competitor - Enjoys playing to win. The Dominator. The Terminator. Playing games and keeping score. Solo video games, team sports, active participants or number 1 fans. Being the best is where the fun comes in.

 *The Director - Organizers. Party givers. Planners. Love the Power in executing events. Sometimes bossy or manipulative.

 *The Collector - The thrill is in having the most, the best, the most interesting collection of objects or experiences. 

 *The Artist/Creator - Joy is found in making things. Creating art, making something broken work again, decorating a room or a house.

 *The Storyteller - Imagination! Performing. Writers. Readers. TV/Movie Buffs.

Okay, so I am a really big combo of all of these! I love to play.  I'm not even sure which one is my dominant play personality!  I am most willing to let go of being the Kinesthete and the Competitor (except when competing against my sisters, and then it is really hard to not fight to win!) And I'm good at being a Director, but sometimes I hate it.

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