Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Journal Prompt #3

How do you think your Play Personality will effect your future career?

I am planning on becoming an Elementary School Teacher.  I think the fact that I can't pick single Play Personality is actually an asset when it comes to my chosen profession.
I need to be able to be the Director to plan and organize my room and set a routine.
I need to be an Explorer to help my students discover as much about their world as they can.
I need to be a Competitor to teach them how to be good sports and to challenge them to beat the standardized tests that are crammed down their throats.
I need to be an Artist/Creator to make my classroom their home for 9 months and to make my lessons interesting and innovative.

I need to be a Storyteller to get them hooked into Reading and Writing. (And good Story Problem solvers!)
I need to be the Kinesthete when my class is droopy eyed and losing interest. (Maybe it is time for a round of "Crazy Evolution!")
I need to be the Joker when tensions are high or to help a lesson along, and to deal with the unexpected with grace.
I need to be the Collector when it comes to books in my library and rocks in my science center and Knowledge in my brain!

An excellent example of a Joker/Artist-Creator/Storyteller Teacher:

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