Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freedom is. . .

I posted "Freedom is. . . " as my facebook status.  I made the responses into a poem.

I think this would be an awesome "Morning Work" class collaboration for almost any grade! Especially with abstract concepts!

Freedom is. . . 

Sleeping in

Having a dairy queen blizzard just because!

Whatever you make of it

Doing what you want when you want

Running barefoot
                      on the beach
                                 through a field
                                           down a rain covered street
                                                                            . . .without fear

Ignorance --in the realm of not being burdened by worry, responsibility, or fear

Respecting the rules boundaries and limitations that keep us free

To a Dog: an open bag of dog food, an open field, a freshly laid blanket, and an open gate

I have a hard time with freedom, I'm a very self directed/motivated person at work so when I have free time I want someone to tell me what to do.

The feel of a horse below you, the open road ahead, and no plans for the rest of the day

Sleeping with your face in the chair! 

 A sundae bar!

 A blank paper and a fresh box of crayons

A saddle

Sidewalk chalk

Being alone in a swimming pool

A hike in the woods

 In the pages of a book


My Cowgirl Hat.

A dog with a ball
    A cat and the sunshine
        A bird on the wind

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Out of reach for some,”

Something we take for granted

An Orange Splot

A bag of chips!

Found when you least expect it.

Wearing robot pajamas at 30!

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