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Super Screen Stories *Updated March 3, 2014

This list is from my "old" blog, although I've added a few things and will update as I watch. It is one of my summer goals to watch most of the "I don't remember" and "I've been told to see" movies.

Super Awesome Teacher Movies: A List by SJ

Title                                     Lead Actor(s)                                        What Made the Teacher Super
The First Grader                Naomie Harris + Oliver Litondo                 Broke Rules to Get Results
School of Life                     Ryan Reynolds + David Paymer                       Passionate about Life
The Bells of St. Mary's     Ingrid Bergman + Bing Crosby                            Cared for Students
Renaissance Man              Danny DeVito                                                      Believed in Students
Kindergarten Cop            Arnold Schwartzenegger                               Developmental Instincts
That's What I Am            Ed Harris                                                              "That's What I Am"
School of Rock                  Jack Black                                                         Learned from Students
The Ron Clark Story~     Matthew Perry                                           Innovative Teaching Methods
Dead Poets Society           Robin Williams                                             Love Poetry, Seize the Day
Dangerous Minds~           Michelle Pffiefer                                             Connected with Students
To Sir, With Love             Sidney Portier                                                    Made Students THINK
Arranged                           Zoe Lister Jones & Francis Benhamou            Find common ground
Stand and Deliver~           Edward James Olmos                           Teaches Calculus to "Special Ed"
Sister Act 2                        Whoopi Goldberg                                        Teaches Respect through Work
Krippendorf's Tribe          Richard Dreyfuss                                           Creative College Prof. :o)
Freedom Writers*~           Hilary Swank                               Motivates Students to Share their stories
Take the Lead~                  Antonio Banderas                         Teaches Respect through Dancing
The Karate Kid                 Pat Morita + Ralph Macchio                   Teaches Self Confidence
In & Out                             Kevin Kline                                                                 Acceptance
X-Men                                 Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman                                Super Powers!
The Trouble with Angels ~ Hayley Mills, Rosalind Russell                 Patience in the face of Hijinks
Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows!   Rosalind Russell + Stella Stevens       Plucky Spirits
Summer School                 Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley          Teaches More Than Remedial English
Blackboard Jungle           Glenn Ford, Sidney Portier      The Original inspirational inner city teacher

Teacher Movies I've Seen, but don't really remember if they were good

Mr. Holland's Opus
Mona Lisa Smile
The Man Without a Face
To Be and To Have (Documentary)

Teacher Movies I've been told I have to see

The Marva Collins Story~
Lean on Me~
A Beautiful Mind~
Music of the Heart
October Sky
Children of a Lesser God
The Principal
The Emperor's Club
Akeelah and the Bee
Up the Down Staircase
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
The Great Debaters
~Based on a True Story

*The movie is great and the book is well written, however, it bugs me that this teacher has only ever taught one class of students.  It's wonderful that she did something amazing once, but it bugs me because other really awesome teachers do much the same thing over and over and over again and don't get all the accolades that she does.

Teacher Movies I Didn't Really Like!

Half Nelson - turned it off after Mom and I fell asleep after being bored with the drug-addiction-driven plot.
Bad Teacher - It was a kind of a female version of 'School of Rock' minus really good music.

Bonus Features:

Three Teacher Books I Love
I am a Pencil by Sam Swope
Learn Me Good by John Pearson
The Essential 55 by Ron Clark

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