Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catching Up - Might take a while to load, LOTS of photos!

This summer is practically half over!

It has been pretty busy, and I have gone on two Vacations and still have another one coming up!

The week before finals I participated with my mom, sister and some friends in a SCA event called The Quest for the Golden Seamstress. It is basically and all-night sewing competition. Sewing is not my thing, but I do it with them (mom and sister) because they help me with my baby.

My Elf Impression (Shoemaker & the Elves)
Making Cord
This year (last year we competed in the Novice category and won, making my sister a 14th Century outfit) we competed in the Advanced category and made my mom a 13th century outfit.

I dyed her belt, made her shoes, all the cords, the tassels on her bag and the outfit on the camel.
Oh, yeah, we won in our category this year too! We have huge-scope ideas for next year too. . . ;)

The third week in April, I attended an event called A Day at the Castle.  I retained for the Queen in the early afternoon (no one took any pictures of me doing so!) Which was really fun, Her Majesty AND His Majesty were in the Royalty Room when I was scheduled to start. Upon entering and getting my baldric, King Dag ordered me to eat lunch, indicating a crock pot of Beef Stew. Which I would have to turn my back to Them to get (he gave me permission to do so ;) ) When I turned around and stood there he said, "Well, I suppose you should sit." and smiled when he ordered me to smile! I replied, "Your Majesty, I'm afraid I would get stew all over my dress as it would dribble if I were smiling." (The Queen snickered) He said, "Fine, but smile when you are done!" At some point, I don't remember what started it, King Dag and I ended up discussing Marvel comic book characters, he ROLLED HIS EYES when I gave my reason for Thor being my favorite - because he is REALLY hot! :)
I did a little dancing that afternoon.
  I also got to process in with my friend Baroness Giovanna as she became a Pelican at court!!!!
I got to carry her personal banner and she is right behind me!

I can't find my court photos right now, so here she is riding a Pelican at the park.

Her personal device has bees and a beehive, so we made Honey Cake and wore Bee Hats to her party!

The next Week was It Takes My Child to Raze a Village V!!!!!
It was crazy, wonderful, magical, and exhausting! The families had a great time!
My Family's Version of the Event logo! :)

 This is a (very) small selection of photos from the day!  We also had family portraits against the logo background.  All of these photos were taken by either Karla or Jodi (I have to find her link!)

 The Duckling Race

Presenting the Quilt during Court.
 Vacation #1
I went to visit my sister (and bro-in-law and 2 nephews) in North Dakota. I traveled both ways by train and met some interesting people! I was there for Nephew #2's 1st Birthday and for Memorial Day.  My sister gave me a Mary Kay makeover (and some Mary Kay products) as an early birthday present!
Here are a bunch of photos from my trip (this isn't even a tenth of what I took!)

It was a John Deere theme, I brought the paper hats!

I watched the boys while my sister and Bro-in-law went on a date, we went to the park!

Sister & Nephew #2
Bro-in-law & Nephew #1

I love this photo of my sister!

Making fishy faces!

Linda and Hope- we enjoyed a lovely breakfast together. They took their own photo with my phone because Hope went from a rotary to an iPhone and Linda was teaching her
Yummy lunch my sister made!

On the Observation deck!
pretty sky

Beautiful Country

Vacation #2  I went with a family I babysit to Torch Lake. I was an extra set of hands and helped open the 100+ year old family cottage for the season. Lots of cleaning in the morning and swimming in the afternoon! The Sunsets were so Amazing!

One of my favorite photos - she was unaware I was taking her photo!

We went to dinner and there was live music!

Canoeing in the Evening

Silly boy.

The Weather Rock!

Bookshelves with Books authored by Ancestors

Sleepy kids ;)

Goodbye Torch!

The family dog preferred my lap (and my pillow) on the ride home.

I've also attended several more SCA events, but I don't think this post can handle anymore photos! ;)

Vacation #3 Pennsic!!! is in a few weeks. It will get its own post. I promise!

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