Saturday, August 10, 2013

It Takes My Child to Raze a Village: Pennsic Edition 2013

Pennsic was pretty Phenomenal this year!
I'd like to Thank all the volunteers and participants we had at Midrealm Youth Pointe's It Takes My Child to raze a Village: Pennsic Edition!!! We couldn't have done it without you!

For your reading pleasure:

It Takes MY Child to Raze a Village: Pennsic Edition (2013) by the Numbers

1 - the number of children we had before 11am (when THL Finnian MacFinn went to the Battlefield and sent the children waiting for the water battle to us!)
2 - the number of times we played The Plague Game.

3 - the average number of Ribbons on a Ribbon Stick.


4 - the number of children who cried when they had to leave because they were having fun. (I take that as a big compliment!)
5 - the number of times I actually got to sit down (a record!)
6 - the number of people who came purely to help with tear-down!
7 - the number of adults who made potholders on a loom.
9 - the number of families who participated in The Duckling Race!

10 - the number of fabric scraps needed to make a Rag Doll with Lady Ceara Mhuirghease Fhaoláin. (and then Lady Katayoun al-Aurvataspa after she learned how from Ceara!)


20 - the number of minutes 3 children played with the Penguin Skittles (bowling) set.

30 - the approximate number of times I dumped out the sand and returned the Parent-a-Pult buckets to their station.
48 - the exact number of Plague Bags that were stuffed with great smells. (Thank you Lord Aindle O'Diarmada "Dwyn" for your help!)


60 - the number of noses that were carefully picked by sniffers at Smelly Science. (Thank you Lady Aliyah Bat Asriel!)

95 - roughly the number of people who came to play with us!


And I don't have the count of how many volunteers came and for how many hours because we turned it in for the Volunteer War Point!

Throughout the week, I spotted quite a few It Takes My Child to Raze a Village IV and V Champions wearing their tabards and belts (!!!), and I heard several stories from parents about how they are reserved for Court/Dressing Up so they don't get dirty/torn/lost!

THANK YOU SO MUCH PARENTS for raising such amazing young lords and ladies!
My heart fills with Pride and Joy for the future of the SCA every time I spot your children participating in this great society!

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