Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Found Object Group Sculpture

I am not a huge fan of Group Projects, especially when it comes to creating a sculpture. However, I had more fun than I expected.

Each group was assigned a Continent. We had to research an Artist from that Continent and and Animal from that Continent. Then we had to create a Found Object Sculpture of that animal. We also had to create a PowerPoint presentation about the Artist and the Animal.

My Group was assigned Africa. We chose to research Martin Bulinya and Ostriches.
 Here is some artwork by Martin Bulinya that we liked:

We named our Ostrich Oswald. We were the only group to name our animal and we were one of the only groups that did not use cotton balls at all in our project!  His feet were my idea, which is why there are so many close-ups of them! :)

Supplies Used
1 plastic gallon jug
3 Panera Bread smoothie straws
3 plastic drinking cups
1 Kroger poly-bag
4 Meijer poly-bags
2 wooden beads (from a
beaded car-seat cover)
                                                      2 Pennies
1 "Coffee Collar" from Seattle's Best Coffee
 A not-quite square piece of Matting pulled from the recycle box
hot glue and packing tape

His head is made of a plastic cup, a SBC coffee collar, 2 wooden beads, 2 pennies and a Panera Bread Smoothie straw


My group-mates making his feathers - out of shredded grocery poly-bags

And this Kangaroo was made by the group that sits next to me:

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