Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Identity - Art Assignment

 The week before we did this, my art teacher came around and took a thumbprint of everyone in the class.  She enlarged them and we were each given our own thumbprint and a second sheet of paper the same size.  We overlaid the blank sheet on the thumbprint and instead of tracing it, we replaced the lines with words and artwork about ourselves. Creating a copy of our identity made of our own self-identification.  A lot of the people in my class filled their thumbprint with song lyrics or large pictures. I chose to use mine as a stream-of-consciousness journal entry of sorts. And rather than continuing in the same direction, I occasionally turned my paper so I was writing in a different direction than a previous line. I included some doodles.

A comparison between the finished artwork, the enlarged thumbprint, and my thumb!

I folded the end of my printed thumbprint so it was easier to center it on the page, then used masking tape so it wouldn't slip

I am lucky, my mom has a light table - otherwise I would have had to stand in the open door and use the sunlight through the screen-door trick!

Working on the Light Table
A close-up of part of the finished artwork

The whole time I was working on the project, this song was playing in my head!

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