Friday, July 24, 2015

Play's the Thing

I spent some time today at the library with a 6 year old (we were waiting for her older sisters to finish programs). This library happens to have a puppet theater and several bins of puppets.  I wouldn't let her play on the computer today, so she got creative with her play!

Her first play went like this:
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. 

One day, a bear came along and ate her. 
The End. 
Here is the bear eating the princess.

Her second play starred the same princess puppet, in a different role.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.

She had a wiggly tooth. 

One day, her tooth fell out and she placed it under her pillow.

 Soon, she fell asleep.

 The Tooth Fairy took her tooth and left a Gold Dollar.

The End!

Then she (practically demanded) that I put on a play for her. I am tall, I told her my shirt was the background. I dug through the bins for different puppets - I found a squirrel puppet and a chicken puppet
Narrator:   There once was a very, sad, lonely chicken crying in the forest.
Chicken:  Cluck-boo-hoo. Cluck-boo-hoo
Narrator:  A squirrel heard her. (Squirrel pops up and sidles next to chicken.) 

Squirrel: Hello!
Chicken: Ahh! (Chicken ducks down and hides.) I'm not s'posed to talk to strangers.
Squirrel: I'm not a stranger, I'm a squirrel.
Chicken: Oh, hello.
Squirrel: Now that we are friends, I will teach you my song:  
Brown Squirrel. Brown Squirrel.Shake your bushy tail.Brown Squirrel. Brown Squirrel.Shake your bushy tail.Wrinkle up your little nose,Put it down between your toes,Brown Squirrel. Brown Squirrel.Shake your bushy tail.
Chicken: Wow. That was a great song. Want to hear my song?
Squirrel: Sure!
Chicken: (Lots of random sing-songy clucking)
Squirrel: Wow!
Narrator: The End.

Her final play was very similar to my play, but instead of singing it ended with a hugfest between chicken and squirrel. (Imitation is definitely flattery here!)

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