Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Reading 2015

Italicized Books are Re-reads 
This year I'm not linking to Amazon, I read most of them on my Kindle, 
  1. The Ugly Duchess - Eloisa James (A great romantic, piratey spin on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, I love Theo!)
  2.  Seduced by a Pirate - Eloisa James (I was so excited to read Griffin's story too! Great companion novel to The Ugly Duchess!)
  3. The Lady is a Vamp - Lynsay Sands (I love all the Vampires from Atlantis books!)
  4. When I Find You - Dixie Lee Brown (It was free on Kindle, not overly memorable.)
  5. The Secret - Julie Garwood (One of my favorite books, I reread it at least once a year. It was the third romance novel I ever read.)
  6. Ransom - Julie Garwwod (The sequel to The Secret, another favorite!)
  7. One Lucky Vampire - Lynsay Sands (I checked it as out as an ebook, forgetting that I owned it in paperback! But I love Sands' "vampires" so I reread it anyway!)
  8. Hot Property - Susanne O'Leary (Cute, had to look up a few Irish slang words.)
  9. Taking the Heat - Kate J. Squires (Reality TV romance novel - Erotic Island, well written and actually quite believable.)
  10. Ready to Were - Robyn Peterman (Cute witty paranormal novel)
  11. The Bridegroom - Linda Lael Miller (Cowboy novel, Wells-Fargo Agent kidnaps childhood love on the day of her wedding to another (nasty) man.)
  12. The Essential 55 - Ron Clark (Love these rules. Would change 47 to Fritos because I hate their smell!)
  13. Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt (A friend/colleague gifted this to me last year because she likes reading it aloud to classes she is subbing.) 
  14. A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean (Great twist on the fallen Noble plot - the sexual tension is sizzley)
  15. No Good Duke Goes Unpunished - Sarah MacLean (Rules of Scoundrels Book 3 - The Killer Duke - we finally get his story!)
  16. Kidnapped Cowboy - Lindsey Brookes (It was free on Kindle, cute, but the Heroine makes some really stupid and unprofessional choices for someone handling troubled teens.)
  17. Christmas in Transylvania - Sandra Hill (Um, I think the Viking Vampire Angels thing is really weird and pushing the paranormal romance vs weird sh*t stuff line a little too hard.)
  18. Breathing Room - Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Self-help guru who can fix everyone's life but her own and a sexy Hollywood villain, what could go wrong? :) )
  19. Vampire, Interrupted - Lynsay Sands  (for some reason the Vampires from Atlantis don't weird me out at all. And I loved reading about Marguerite and Julius!)
  20. Vampires are Forever - Lynsay Sands (Hilarious and sexy)
  21. Tall, Dark & Hungry - Lynsay Sands (Another Vampires from Atlantis book, love the humor!)
  22. Bite Me If You Can - Lynsay Sands (Lynsay Sands's "vampires" are great!)
  23. The Secret - Julie Garwood  - Yes, I really read this book twice this summer already.
  24. Ransom - Julie Garwwod - Have to follow up Garwood's "The Secret" with the Sequel! ;) I love these two books! I miss Garwood's historical novels, her new stuff is lame.
  25. Offside - Juliana Stone (Barker Triplets Book 1) - Billie Jo is an awesome, athletic woman who is struggling to fit in now that her pro-hockey career has ended. Logan helps her even though he thinks he should avoid anyone with the last name Barker.
  26. Collide - Juliana Stone (Barker Triplets Book 2) - Bobbi Jo and Shane Gallagher have a volatile history, but they can't seem to resist each other!
  27. Conceal - Juliana Stone (Barker Triplets Book 3) - Ex-model Betty Jo knows she is the town screw-up, and doesn't want Beau Simon (movie star) to see the real Betty, but he has the job offer of her dreams. . .
  28. The Bride - Julie Garwood - I thought I'd read this one before, but it didn't seem overly familiar. I think I may have read it as a teenager! 
  29. The Geek Girl and The Scandalous Earl - Gina Lamm (Time Travel & with a cell phone that still has power to play games and get an Earl hooked on Angry Birds! This book is so witty and refreshing!)
  30. A Barker Family Christmas - Juliana Stone (Novellas are too short!)
  31. Fart Wars - J.B. O'Neil (Exactly what the title sounds like - a farty version of Star Wars. Hilarious to an 8 year old.)
  32. Tucker - Juliana Stone (Beau Simon's brother, Tucker, has been in a downward spiral of self-destruction since his wife's plane went down three years ago, now he has another family wedding to attend, and he doesn't want to go alone, so his bartender friend, Abby, offers to go as his date. What he doesn't know, is that she is already in love with him… I totally loved this book!)
  33. Jack - Juliana Stone (My favorite character in this book is Jack's jerky dog Coco, left by a former girlfriend of Jack's - he figures it is the dog's right to be a jerk since he has a girly frou-frou name. And not only is this Jack's story, but it is Donovan James' love story too! I expected to be bored with this series by now, but each book is refreshingly different.)
  34. Maverick - Juliana Stone (Maverick is hiding out in his brother's cabin in New England, but he doesn't expect to fall for a local waitress, especially not one with a ten-year-old brother who was traumatized into not speaking - I thought maybe he was autistic, but, I'm not so sure, I think he's just like the little kid in The Client.)
  35. The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot (I can't believe I waited this long to read these! A middle schooler recommended them to me in 2003, but I never picked them up. They're great, I definitily want a set for my teacher library! This book was soooo much better than the movie that I LOVE! I love all the touches that make it feel like a 14 year old's diary, like "to do" lists and Algebra notes.)
  36. Princess in the Spotlight - Meg Cabot (So different from the movie sequel, some parts of this book are actually in the first movie!)
  37. Princess in Love - Meg Cabot (Hilarious look at the love lives of 14 year olds!)
  38. Princess in Waiting - Meg Cabot (Most of this book takes place in Genovia, her introduction to the people is not perfect! Also, I love how the characters talk about the movie that was made about Mia's life and they mention all the weird things the movie changed, like Grandmère being a nice Grandmother and how Mia's friend Tina isn't in the movie at all!)i
  39. The Highlander Takes a Bride - Lynsay Sands (I really love this author! The "hero" is majorly flawed, but he grows on ya. I look forward to reading about Saidh's brothers too - hopefully?!)

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