Monday, February 22, 2016

Pennsic Teen Activities

I replied to a post on the Pennsic War Facebook group, inquiring about activity ideas for a 15 year old who is only interested in Girls and Magic: The Gathering!

I decided that it's pretty comprehensive, so I'm posting it here for easy accessibility!

Performing Arts Activities:
Fool's School - skits, juggling, magic tricks, and foolish acts, typically meets War Week mornings with a Wed evening performance
Commedia del Arte for Youth - youth created comedy performance, also meets war week mornings with a Wed or Thursday evening performance
Pennsic Youth Choir - Open to 12-19 year olds interested in singing period music, typically rehearses mid-afternoon/early evenings during War Week with a Thursday night performance as part of the Known World Choir Concert with the Adult Choir and the Children's Choir
Whose Line Doth It Be? - A one-time audition/rehearsal for Anachronistic Improv with an evening performance - teens and adults

Martial Arts - best to bring your own equipment, or borrow local loaner equipment because there isn't usually a lot available:
Youth Armored Combat/Boffer - typically from 8-10:30am, and 3-5pm daily
Youth Rapier Combat- typically 1-3pm Fri and Sat of Peace Week, and 9am-noon War Week (except Wednesday)
Archery - there are often youth classes and tournaments, but youth are welcome to try any target and shoot for War Points!
Thrown Weapons Range - They always have loaner equipment here! Also, the thrown weapons marshals are especially patient with newbies!
SERVICE AS A WATERBEARER for any of the combat activities

Arts & Science
Classes that are inappropriate for teens will be marked ADULT ONLY. Otherwise, pretty much everything is open to teens who are behaving appropriately!
They love Volunteers at Pennsic University - they provide training and let you charge your phone during your shift!
Dance Tents (There are two - European and Middle Eastern)- (Girls like boys who are willing to dance!) The beginner classes are open to all ages!
Period Games Tent - I know several 15-17 year old young men who hang out there much of War

Other Ideas:
East Kingdom Teen Party - an excellent way to meet other teens, and hang out eating free food
Making money doing Ice Runs - its a good idea to bring a wagon!
Busking on "Beggar's Row"
Volunteering at the Children's Water Battle (on the Adult Side!), and/or the Children's Fete and/or at It Takes MY Child to Raze a Village: Pennsic Edition
Work for a Merchant or as a Pennsic Minion (there is a facebook page)
Volunteer at Troll, Lost & Found, and/or Info Point

There is also the ever present Magic: The Gathering gaming at the bathhouse.  ;)

The Plague Game from
(I needed a photo to make the post Pinterest friendly!)


I still really want to create a Teen-Focused Event called It Takes My Teen to Build an Empire

With Teen-friendly workshops and try-it-out stations. I'm thinking I may create a Pennsic Teen Challenge - Using this list of activities and a few other things. If I create something with categories and they have to complete a certain number in each category and produce proof they've done so (collect signatures or selfies or keep a journal . . .) then they get a prize. I wonder if people would be willing to donate prizes to such a thing?

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