Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: A Poetic Year in Review

When you see people you haven't seen in forever it's always super awesome. I'm super happy for them when they find their match, but when I get home again it is hard to not feel intense loneliness. I try to remember how awesome I am, but sometimes I just do not succeed.

I'm an awful student. I am terrible at raising my hand. I blurt out what I'm thinking without a filter. I have no idea how to study for a test. I am dreadfully disorganized. I am easily distracted. I hate sitting still for too long or I can sit still for hours. I hate homework, and avoid it if I can. And I am an extreme procrastinator. All these things make me a great teacher.

It sometimes feels like I'm the last single person in the world.
I'm pretty boring in March.

So much to do
Don't even know where or when to start
One day at a time. . .
Nope, everything at once!!!

Watch Dory, don't buy her. 

Be yourself, the world can only handle one you.

Everything is going to be awesome.
My Godson was born!
OMGoodness SCA 50 Year Celebration!

Flatulent Fairies
Toilet Seat Monsters
Soooooo many Poop jokes
Sneaky Poetry
Running a Boys Reading Club is Great!


Busy, Busy, Pennsic is busy.
Bears are stinky.
Boys really impressed me
But Summer is almost over! :(

Thirty-four already?
Happy Birthday to me.
I feel like I just turned 33!
Really busy lately
Taking life one day at a time
Youthful no more
Feeling old when I make pop culture jokes my colleagues don't understand
Onward to 35!
Uniquely me
Ready to hit a home run and knock out school and get my life really started! 

For the first time in my life I feel like I understand love ballads.
I can't bring myself to write sappy love poetry, 
and its way to soon to mention that word,
but I feel like I might finally be 
The Main Character
instead of the fifth wheel comic relief.
. . . 
Back to the Pond.

Avoid Politics.
Ignore Facebook.
The Hate is flowing on 
sides of the fence.
Holy Moly.

In Memoriam- Matt Lukasiewicz aka Lord Vegor Sobieski

You were my date to Rachel's wedding
You had the worst jokes at the best times
You were always willing to lend a hand
You may have been a big guy, but you had a huge, quiet personality. 
I'll really miss you "sneaking" up behind me to poke me in the shoulder
I already miss your awesome, random "what are you doing up so late?" Facebook PMs that would help me make it through take home exams, huge papers, and last-minute youth activity planning.
Rest In Peace buddy. 🐐

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