Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Back . . . and ahead

Wow! So much has happened in 2016!

Cousin Cindy, Cousin Rob, Me
Listening toThe Crowe/Doyle Songbook, Vol III, "A Mysterious Ticking Noise" by The Harry Potter Puppet Pals, and The Labyrinth Soundtrack
I saw in the theater: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
We surprised C.J. with a Book Shower at our KDP envisioning session. Our chapter hosted the KDP MI District Officers Conference.
I started a new semester, hopefully my penultimate one - taking Reading 310/Practicum 310, Geography of US & Canada, Writing Process for Elementary Teachers, and I'm finishing my Incomplete for Intro for Assessment and Evaluation.
My great-aunt passed away, and while it was sad, it was also really nice to see some of my cousins again.

The Valentine's Viking wearing her new Protege Belt

Listening to: The Shepherd's Dog by Iron & Wine, and "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats
Valday was an interesting event this year, I became Master Maximilian der Zauberer's Protege! (Which is hard to describe in layman's terms, but if I make it Academic-y basically he has a Master's degree in Service and I am his student/grad assistant - here's a good article about Peers and Students) - the yellow belt I wear signifies that I am a Protege to a Pelican.
It was a pretty busy month for me SCA-wise. At Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium, I ran a Jr. Herald's and Scribes day for the three children who ended up coming to the event! (Last year we had more!) Even though we only had three kids (and I had 2 adult volunteers! So our ratio was awesome!), the day went really well. Activities included:
  • Felt banners (by coloring with crayons on sandpaper and then ironing it on)
  • played outside because the weather was gorgeous
  • easel painting
  • washed hands and decorated cookies for the Tea (using frosting and Alphabits cereal)
  • colored on a giant piece of paper
  • Lady Aliyah and lady Rouba taught Writing from Right to Left (writing in Hebrew and Arabic)
  • Heraldic Twister
  • Ate a Scribal Snack (ABC pretzels, P-nuts and M&Ms - there were peanut-free bags and gluten-free bags as well, I think next time I would also include cheeri-Os)
  • Story Cubes
I taught a Leap Day Teach-a-Teacher lesson at the KDP meeting.

At an event, we found this striped chair and had to have a Pelican Family Portrait!
Listening to: This playlist 
My sister was with her fiance's family and my parents went to visit one of my other sisters for Easter, but I had to work part of the weekend. I went to church by myself and had dinner with The Cron/Martin/Ross families which was lovely. I gave myself an Easter Basket containing a giant peep bunny and a bag of mini Cadbury eggs. I was still kind of lonely. #Adulthood
The rest of March was just homework and ITMC Prep - I'm always boring in March.

Lady Siri and her son, GandalfR pose with Saehildr on a Stick

Listening to: The Beach Boys
I saw in the theater: Deadpool
My Final Grades:
Intro to Assessment & Evaluation - A
Writing Process for Elem Teachers - A
Geography of US & Canada - C-
Practicum II: Elementary - B-
Literacy Across Curriculum for Intermediate Grades - C+
It Takes My Child to Raze a Village VIII went phenomenally! We finally got a Blacksmith to come!!!!! And Mistress Anthionette set up the coolest Service Activity ever! She made a post with little tags with a service opportunities on them that kids could pick based on their age/ability! Our Torch Award Family this year is a bittersweet choice, as this was Tommy's final year as a Youth, he will turn 18 this year.
My Pelican, Master Max, was made a Master of Defense, but I was unable to go, so I sent my head on a stick with my Protege Sister, Lady Siri, and was able to "attend" that way.  
My parents brought home a dog. He's an Australian Terrier named Chewy. He was a snaggletooth that makes him adorable.

The Bride, The Baby Sister, The Maid of Honor

Listening to: "I Think I'm a Bunny" by  Todd McHatton, Heather Dale's "Imagineer" album, a bunch of Girl Scout Campfire songs, and other kid-friendly music
I took Communication and Theatre Arts for Educators as an intensive-week-long class and it was so AWESOME! In addition to getting an A, I made some new friends, and created some cool art! A big Thank you to Anna for letting me stay in her guest-room so my commute was way shorter.
Threw my sister, Emily, a Bridal Shower. Our baby sister was able to come, but SM was too pregnant to travel this far.
My friend Jeff had a serious health scare and was hospitalized, I had a light work schedule and drove up and took care of their kids so his wife could stay at the hospital with him. I took them to Kids'n'Stuff Children's museum one of the days and on a sale's rack shopping spree for the 5 year old's birthday - the weather was super warm and she had had a recent growth spurt and outgrown her spring/summer apparel. Got the 7 year old a new shirt too.
I spent some time with the Jacksons too. How is it that we're closer now that we live farther apart? Our visit was longer than expected because I had an allergic reaction to dinner and Benedryl made me unsafe to drive.
Also, went to lunch at The Cheesecake factory with Mom and her friend from High School, Debbie, and Debbie's toddler-aged granddaughter.
And I walked a 5K - A Star Wars themed one done by a Recycling Group! I wasn't fast - until the second half when I had to use the bathroom - the only port-a-john was at the front of the park! It was definitely an adventure!

Selfie at SCA 50 Year Celebration

Listening to: Heather Dale & Moonwulf (LIVE on both counts!)
My 4th Nephew was born healthy and with lots of hair!
My summer job started this month!!! I was running the Boys Summer Reading Club at the Cromaine District Library with Children's Librarian Marta!
I made Peg People of the Founders of the SCA and they were well accepted by the person collecting the gifts for them and she showed them off to a ton of people while there, and I got an emailed thank you from the woman who hosted the original party in her backyard!
I went to SCA 50 Year Celebration as JahanAra & Bjarg and Wendy & Richard's "War Nanny" - they shared me. It was great! The kids were awesome! Although, the event wasn't as cool as I expected it to be. The Hall of History was fascinating, and Ironwolf's camp was truly great. It was miserably hot! The worst part was that I couldn't get my tent set up correctly and it leaked the two nights it rained really hard. 

Snuggling with my Godson

Listening to: Great Big Sea, Heather Dale, Joshua Radin, "Got My Mind Set On You" by George Harrison, and Newsboys albums from the 90s
Asked for the time off, didn't get it, told my boss I would be in Illinois, went to my Godson's Baptism, came back and had two no-call/no-show write-ups because I didn't call on the days I was scheduled to work? Um, I told you the day before I left IN-PERSON, but whatever. Have I ever mentioned that I hate retail jobs? Visiting with my family went really well, my parents didn't come because Dad had to pick mom up from the airport - she went to Israel for two weeks!
Went to an awesome Surprise Birthday Party for my friend Shoshana!
I won a $100 gift card in a Brighton Ford drawing at Taste of Brighton. Used it for gas.
For the first time in my life I got into Pokemon. I am really enjoyed playing Pokemon Go! I started out playing as something to do with the kids I babysit. We spent hours just walking around and catching virtual creatures and talking about all kinds of things! I also started walking around on my lunch breaks and playing instead of eating junk in the break room! It's definitely good for me!
I went with my parents to my mom's high school reunion picnic - I was the youngest person there until someone's millennial youngest daughter came, we took lots of pictures and taught people how to take selfies all afternoon.
Went to Nerdageddon for D&D Adventurer's Guild with one of the kids I babysit. Last time I played regularly was 2001! I had forgotten how fun it is!
Attended Emily's other bridal shower. It was nice not being the person running things! It was Tall Ships weekend in Bay City, so mom and I took a detour driving tour of the bay so we could look at them.

Ice Cream Selfie with Master Philip

Listening to: Master Efenwealt Wystle (LIVE),
I deleted Pokemon Go so I wouldn't be tempted at Pennsic, I didn't want to be That person.
I went to Pennsic as the Savages War Nanny again, camped in Ironwolf but spent a lot of time in Andelcrag. Took the Andelbrats to Fools' School almost every day (I had to teach my class during one of the days) and ended up performing with the little kids this year. I helped my friend set up a gorgeous wedding proposal! My tent once again leaked and leaned and was mostly ineffective at keeping me and my stuff dry. Master Philip organized a giant Ice Cream Selfie that was great fun!
I lost my job at Target, got my third no-call/no show when I picked up a shift and forgot about it -granted a manager never actually signed off on it. . . but still. Ugh. Is it worth it to find another job or just wait for school to start and sub jobs to roll in? - the latter is what I chose.
On the way to Call of the Waterhorse, this happened:
Boys Club ended and while it didn't go exactly the way I planned, it was pretty awesome and the boys definitely improved in their literacy skills and handwriting!

Selfie with the Bride
Listening to: The same album I was listening to in January, Wedding Music, and "White Squall" by Enter the Haggis
My sister got married! I was the Maid of Honor. Here is my speech.
I turned 34. Didn't do anything special really. Mom and Dad got me some really nice dresses from Talbots. My aunt and uncle gave me their old pavilions from when they used to play in the SCA so I feel like I never have to sweat/drown in a nylon tent again.
I had Jury Duty for the first time ever! I got to sit in a room and not get called. :( I wanted to serve on a jury! I got paid $22 for my time.
I started my final class needed for my degree, Law & Policy in a Constitutional Democracy. Long story short, I'm not Student Teaching until Fall 2017.
Went on an OkCupid Date. It went pretty well, but when I thought about seeing him again my stomach hurt in a not-good way. So, I told him no thank you when he asked me out again - for the very next day - when I would also be meeting his brother and sister-in-law. Shoshana and Casey gave me some awesome support and advice.
I decided to delete all of my online dating profiles and just be content being single, to just knock out the rest of school and not worry about having a social life right now.
I got a job working for College Nannies and Tutors. A fellow KDP member recommended working there. It basically like substitute teaching but as a babysitter.
Spent a weekend with my canton repainting/repairing/rebuilding the list field. It looks awesome and is finally in our colors!
Went to EDUStaff's substitute teacher training. Unfortunately, PESG won't share my transcript with them and EMU is holding it hostage until I pay down my balance. I even went in and talked to people. So lame!

Posing with the Ghostbuster's Car
Listening to: "The Monster Mash"
I saw in the theater: Suicide Squad
I quit working at College Nannies & Tutors. I expected more local jobs, they aren't happy with my availability schedule, and there is no way on this Planet that I am going to go to that neighborhood in Detroit to watch the 6 month old of a single dad who has 3 roommates who will be "coming and going all day." My momma didn't raise no fool. I was having to fight tooth an nail for mileage and the $11/hour just wasn't cutting it!
Luckily, I saw a post on the EMU College of Ed facebook page listing a tutoring job for A2 Schools, I got an interview and was offered the job! My website was part of what interested them in me! 

A mutual friend set me up with her (nerdy!) firefighter friend (who also makes the coolest balloon sculptures you've ever seen), and I fell really hard for him. He turned out to not be as into me. I had a really intense crush and all the symptoms of lovesickness. After Halloween, I didn't hear from him for almost a week and made things a smidge awkward over text. (I can't believe I turned into THAT girl!!) When he texted me that he went on a date with another girl (we'd only actually gone on one date) and was choosing her over me, I was somewhat heartbroken, but I'm weird and I truly wish him/them well. A lot of people are angry and indignant for me, but I'm neither. I am grateful for the experience of being the "dumpee" - I've only ever been the "dumper" and this was an interesting learning experience for me. I think I might have learned how to not be so ME --as opposed to just being me. 
I'm just going to see where life takes me. I reopened my OkCupid account and I've joined some different, other sites too, Jdate is too pricey, but I tried (and deleted) Clover, and tried (but haven't deleted) Coffee Meets Bagel, 
I took 3 of my favorite Kiddos to Nerdaggedon's Halloween Comic Fest. We caught a bunch of Pokemon (I put it back on my phone), met some Ghostbusters, got 5 free comics each, and in general had an awesome day!
I spent Halloween painting children's faces at the Brighton Fire Department's Halloween Party! I dressed up as FIRE and my costume had lights. I would post a video, but I deleted it from my phone and I don't feel like messing with pulling it off facebook. ;) It's probably more awesome in your imagination anyway. 😉

I voted.
Listening to: An assortment of artists on Pandora
I started my awesome new job as an Academic Tutor for Title I students. The job is Push-in more than Pull-out, so I work with the kids in their classroom rather than taking them to another room, although I do that sometimes, like when they are working on a test or need a quiet space to work. 
I have never been much of a big politics follower, but I've been following the Indiana Senate Race as an assignment for my class, and this year has been pretty interesting! The Presidential Race is a total mess though. Who would ever have predicted Trump would actually win?! (Not me!) 

Selfie with the Bride and the Groom

Listening to: Barenaked for the Holidays, She & Him, and other assorted Pandora Holiday stations
Two of my very close friends got married! It was a lovely wedding even though I had to do the Macarena.
Unfortunately, my very dear friend, Matt, passed away a few weeks shy of his 41st birthday.
I went on another date with a not-Mister-Right-for-me from OkCupid. But we went to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and that was pretty awesome! He might be someone I can recruit for the SCA. For the first time ever, I gave my version of the "let's just be friends" speech.
The last day of school before Winter Break, I got to spend time playing chess and Uno with some of my kids and their classmates and it was lovely! Kids I thought hated me, gave me hugs and high-fives before leaving!
I spent a day taking First Aid & CPR Training. So I am once again certified!
Went to visit my Sister & bro-in-law in IL, the rest of my family minus the newlyweds were there also. I took a nap with my godson, and played a lot with my other nephews and I took 3/4 of them on a walk to the playground! It was a really great visit with my sisters. After the boys went to bed we had an epically hilarious Game of Things.
I was given: new brakes for my car, an amazing afghan, 2 medieval-ish 3 ring binders for teaching at SCA events, a really warn windbreaker, bracelets from Daddy and one of my sisters, a really awesome mug from my sister, a book of short stories from censored authors, a pink jingle bell-bedecked christmas ornament, and my youngest sister and her hubby are giving me a fitbit! (They didn't know what color I wanted.)
I've added Bumble to my dating app collection, a bunch of people have suggested it. Who knows?
I ended 2016 by cleaning my room/packing up a bunch of Emily's stuff, getting my tents out of the living room, and going to my friend's party. Where we played CAH, watched the ball drop, felt old not knowing who the "famous" people were, felt bad for Ryan Seacrest being all alone in the studio, and gorged ourselves on Puppy Chow (aka Muddy Buddies, Monkey Munchies, Muddy Munch, and Reindeer Food) and giant chocolate chip cookie! 
Rest in Peace Matt
(He was my date to my baby sister's wedding in 2009)


I've managed to lose approximately 45 lbs this year. I've changed my attitude about several things, and for the most part I am on a more normal sleeping and eating schedule which has been making a huge difference. I have learned a lot about myself and what I really want. 
I came up with this list for my dream guy. ;)

My Dream Man: 
  • is Single (as in not currently married at all, not in an on-again-off-again relationship, not getting divorced, or polyamory) - Legally Divorced and or Widowed counts as Single. I don't mind if he has children already. 
  • is a MAN, in that he has his life together, has realistic goals or ambitions, etc.
  • Smells good
  • Is honest, trustworthy, chivalric even
  • has Manners
  • is Nerdy
  • has Deep passion for whatever makes him nerdy
  • Desires and is actively works toward growth (academic, spiritual, personal, health, etc.)
  • likes children
  • enjoys a variety of interests/hobbies
  • has financial stability (doesn't have to be wealthy, just stable)
  • is Tall (okay so this one doesn't really matter, but I am 5'10" and I've dated guys who claimed 
  • o be taller than me but were shorter in reality)
  • is Strong (not just physically, but in character)
  • is a bit "fluffy" (cares about being healthy and fit but also enjoys dessert!)
  • is Christian or Jewish or open to raising his future kids in a  Judeo-Christian household
  • has excellent hygiene - smells good
  • is Friendly 
  • is a Heavy fighter in the SCA. (So, I want to be Queen someday‽😉)

My hopes and goals for 2017:

In the SCA:

  • Find ways to serve outside my comfort zone.
  • Complete my backlogged Peg People
  • Teach more classes at more events.
  • Enter an A&S competition.
  • Finish and release my Science for All Ages website project in my role as Deputy to the Society Arts & Sciences Officer.
In my career:
  • Take the Elementary & Middle School Certification tests
  • Pay off EMU
  • Student Teach in the Fall
  • Graduate from EMU in December
  • Get a real teaching job
In my life in general
  • Lose more weight/get healthier
  • Clean and rearrange my room
  • Establish a healthy social life
  • Play more board games
  • figure out what this goal should be

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