Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brain Break

 The Album Meme is my favorite way take a quick creativity break. Instructions can be found Here

Band Name: Battine
Album Title: 
Kind to Cultivate
Hit Single: "They found the box empty"
Genre: Electronica

Band Name: Təzəkənd
Album Title: the name we give our mistakes
Hit Single: "Left the door open"
Genre: Indy Singer/Songwriter

Band Name: National League Division 2
Album Title: Of the General Public
Hit Single: "Marty Named the Baby"
Genre: Techno

Okay, Last one. I promise!

Band Name: Fishtail
Album Title: Not Guilty
Hit Single: "Made him cry"
Genre: Emo
I lied. That was depressing! This is the real last one!

Band Name: OSGOOD
Album Title: Keep in the Sunlight
Hit Single: "Interesting Gardens"
Genre: Children's Music

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